Welcome to Cafe ecole
for the holistic development (body, mind, spirit)
in Greece since 1979
Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas
We are a non-profit association that offers education and self-awareness for the growth of the human being in all three dimensions, body, psychomental and spiritual level, through seminars, workshops, private sessions, consultation, publications “Café – Ecole” and entertainment, that is, evenings that provide nutrition for all dimensions.

Following the example and the prompting of our visionary and pioneer Greek Master, Constantin Foteinas, being the first generation of his children-fellow workers, we continue seeing our world by image and likeness of the universe. We look around us and when we discover something that reminds us of the honest words of Foteinas, we embody it at Café Ecole aiming the holistic development of man that is his three dimensions, body, mind and spirit. So, we had the great “luck” and honor to meet the Great Master, Swami Veda Bharati, disciple of Swami Rama, and through him, Swami Rama as well. Swami Veda asked Sofia Foteina, after her apprenticeship in the Philosophy and Practice in Yoga since 2010, to represent the Himalayan Yoga Meditation in Greece. In that context we embodied in our new center, the Himalayan Yoga. And our name: “Café Ecole- Himalayan Yoga Meditation of Hellas” or in a simpler way, "Café Ecole- Himalayan Yoga".

Alongside with the Seminars and the Workshops of Café Ecole, experiences that we share with our old co-workers- Chryssanthi Foteina- Kissadjekian, Panagiotis Foteinas-Voinas, Anna Zaharopoulou-Voina and Julie Doufeka- we emphasize on the spiritual growth of the adults, of the pregnant and of the children through Himalayan Yoga( as was given from Patanjali to the wise who lived in the caves of the Himalayas), with weekly meetings, meditation, theory and practice of the philosophy of life that is on the same direction with that of Café Ecole. Let us remember the Ayurvedic massage with which Pari Dessypri has been practicing at Café Ecole, being herself “a child of Café Ecole”, because the body is part of the mind and we have to remember it while working on our self-awareness.

Furthermore, because we consider important to be in touch and know where we come from, and at the same time eliminate the possibility of all learning difficulties, we will start teaching Ancient Greek to primary school children, where playing and dancing with the rhythm, children learn the meaning of the words that are still alive or derive from ancient Greek words and we use them in our everyday life.

And one more new activity in our programme, the Energy Therapy with the method of Martin Brofman, from our old dear friend of Café Ecole, Helen Theonas, who in co-operation with the Self Awareness workshops, will accelerate the already impressive results of our personal Self Awareness and Self Realization.